Chapter 10

April arrives in Marcuria at the Journey Man Inn.
Go to the temple, to find that there is no one there, and the gates are shut.

Go to the City Green and talk to Abnaxos.

He gives April the Venar stone.
Now she has all the stones.

Stop by and visit Brian Westhouse.

Go to the Enclave and talk to Minstrum Yerin.
April will learn that Tobias has been murdered, and almost everyone has left Marcuria.

Look at the rusty wheel by the pool in the library, and ask Yerin about it.

Go outside to the Enclave entrance.  Look at the pattern on the floor, especially the circular openings  April can put the stones on the circles.  If a stone blinks when it is placed, it is in the correct place.

Put all four stones in their correct places:
Alatien stone on the top
Banda stone on the right
Dark People stone on the bottom
Venar stone on the left.

This triggers something on the dragon head above, but because it is dirty, it doesn’t work.

Call Crow and ask him to clean up the Dragon Mouth.
After he does, the Dragon Mouth will spit fire.

The first merges the stones into a single stone disk.
The floor opens and the stone falls down into the pool below.

Go downstairs and talk to Minstrum Yerin and ask him to unlock the wheel.

Go to the wheel and turn it, to dry the pool.
Go to the pool and take the stone disk.
Leave the Enclave.

Take a look at the City Gate.
An army is approaching.

Go back out from the library and try to enter the city.  There are enemies everywhere.

A shift opens.
April enters it and finds herself in her studio.

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