Story of the Balance -- from The Scriptures and walls of the Marcuria temple


Earth was one, magic and science existed side by side. Magic and science were in balance with each other. But humankind exploited the power for their own selfish purposes.  The Balance of the Cosmos was in peril. Unless something was done, the twilight of Chaos would fall upon the Earth.

Earth was visited by the Draic-Kin, who offered their guidance and assistance in preserving the Balance.  The Draic-Kin, also called Draig-Kin, Drachen, Dragons, are the eternal servants and custodians of the Balance.  Four of the Kin founded the Order of the Balance, the Sentinel.  In order to keep the Balance from collapsing, the Kin said that Earth would have to be split in two parts: Arcadia – magic and chaos, and Stark – science and order.

The first Sentinel was made up of 13 members:  6 magicians, 6 scientists, 1 in between. Since splitting the earth in two was dangerous, the Draic-Kin built a tower to channel their power and focus on the Divide that would be created.

The Kin brought a disc, forged in the fire of their world, that was placed at the base of the tower and the epicenter of the Divide.  The disc and tower combined to become a conduit for the flow of magic and science.

The 13 members went to the tower with a woman who was destined to be the 1st Guardian, the protector of the Balance.  She was to stay in the tower for 1000 years to watch over the two worlds and ensure that the flows of magic and science were always equal.

Once divided, each world would only be visible to the other by way of dreams.

The Kin said that the Guardian’s Realm could only be broken if the disc were broken. The disc was made up of four pieces and four stones. The four pieces which were the key to the disc were taken to Arcadia for safe-keeping, while the stones were held by the Kin.

Then two Kin went to Stark and two went to Arcadia.  In Arcadia, the six members started the Sentinel, while in Stark the memories of magic faded.

In Stark, the Sentinel has parted with the Arcadian Sentinel and has become the Vanguard.  The Vanguard want the Divide torn down and the worlds reunited. They want to put their own Guardian in place in the tower, and to do this, they have taken children away to find a way to control them. It has been 200 years since the twelfth Guardian was supposed to be replaced.  A short time ago, the disc in the tower shattered and the Guardian left. A new Guardian must be found and placed in the tower before the Vanguard can put someone else there.


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