Chapter 7

April is awakened by Crow, in the middle of the sea.
Talk to Crow and ask him to search for an island.
When he leaves, a head appears in the water.

When April tries to talk to the creature, she is pulled into the sea.

April finds herself in a strange room where she can breathe.

Look at the paintings on the wallk to discover that April needs to eat one of the blue polyps from the wall to breathe.

To speak with the sea creatures, April needs to mix a black pearl, some green stuff, and her blood to create a golden pearl.

Take a blue polyp and eat it.

Exit the room and swim to the city.

Enter the large shell-like structure.

Try to talk to the sea creature, but April canít.
Try to take the spear from the wall, but April canít.
Take some of the green stuff from the walls.
Swim back outside and look at the shell outside the breathing house. Open it and take the black pearl.
Inside the breathing house, use the push pin to get some blood.
In inventory combine the green stuff with the blood and the black pearl.
Eat the golden pearl.

Return to the city.
Talk to the sea creature.  She is the queen of the maerum-people, Queen of the Third City of the Maerum, Enlightened Keeper of the Tanyenn, Protector of the Light.
Try to take the harpoon. The Queen says that the harpoon is for the Waterstiller, and that if April is the Waterstiller, she needs to reveal the rest of the prophecy.

So far April is the Gatherer of the Tanyenn, because she has passed the two tests:  breathing under water and speaking the Maerum language.

Take the crystal from the niche in the wall and show it to the Queen.
Swim back to the bubble.
On the left side, behind the seaweed is another crystal and the entrance to a cave.

Enter the cave, and take the two crystals on the floor.

Save your game.

Look at the altar, there are four blue holes where the crystals should be placed. They are marked with the symbols: Harpoon, Water, Fish and Mountain.
The crystals have the same symbols.  April must place the crystals so that they symbols on their sides are pointing towards the symbols on the altar.

Put the brown crystal in the hole marked with a wave, with the wave symbol turned out.
Put the yellow crystal in the hole marked with a fish, with the harpoon symbol turned out.
Put the grey crystal in the hole marked with the one-eyed temple with the one-eyed temple turned out.
Put the green crystal in the hole marked with the harpoon, with the fish symbol turned out.

Now April must turn the inner circles, which have symbols that are the opposite of the first symbols.
Fire goes with Water
Bird with Fish
Maerum with Pyramid-Eye
Pottery with Harpoon

The cave will brighten with a blue light

Look at the walls to see the history of the Maerum people.

The Alatien and the Maerum were friends once.

Go back to the city and tell the Maerum the ancient story.

She will give April the harpoon, so that she can fulfill the third prophecy to kill a Snapjaw, which will deliver the Maerum from strife and unite them as one people.

Return to the bubble, then swim to the right to reach the shipwreck.
Try to enter it.

Use the harpoon on the Shapjaw.
When the Snapjaw is dead, look at it and take its tooth.

Enter the shipwreck and take the Talisman of the Balance.

Return to the Maerum Queen and show her the tooth and the Talisman.
She will ask you to retrieve the Maerum Stone.

Go to the ancient shrine and use the Talisman on the symbol.
Pick up half of the ancient stone from the niche.

Take the stone back to the Maerum Queen.
April has helped the Maerum find their ancient shrine, the Queen will not take April to see the Sleeping God until she fulfills the final prophecy:  Reunite the Maerum with the Alatien.

April is taken to Alais.

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