Chapter 3

Leave the room and talk to Zach. The way he speaks to April will depend on whether she went out with him on the date last night.
Take the Subway to Hope Street.
Go to the right to the Cathedral

Click on the wall painting and confessionals for fun comments from April.

Go go the right, to the Confessionals and talk to Father Raul. He will give April the location of Warren Hughes, a member of the Razorblades gang, who painted the picture Cortez showed April in the Roma Gallery. Warren can help April locate the Vanguard.

Return to Hope Street, and go to House number 87, on the left side of the street. Talk with the little boy who is sitting on the staircase. After a while April will realize that he is Warren. Warren agrees to help April, but only if she goes to the Police Station at Metro West and find the files on him and his family.

Take the Subway to Metro West.
Go to the right to the Police Station.

Listen to the reporter to find out details about the shuttle crash.

Talk to the cop outside the Police Station.  He will tell April that because of the broken door, there are only three ways that she can get into the Police Station: if she is a police officer, if she is a prisoner, or the garbage truck.

Look at the garbage container. You also see garbage trucks, but they all turn at the roadblock.
Look at the roadblock; it shows a code (3018).  The roadblock has a panel where you can enter a code to move the roadblock to a different intersection.
Look at the street signs;  one has the same code as is on the container (3018), and the other is different (0092).
Go back to the roadblock.  Change the code to make the roadblock move to the other street.
Jump into the garbage container, and April will get picked up,

Inside the Police Station, talk to the sergeant at the counter.
She refuses to let April in, so talk to her until she says that the workmen are having lunch.

Talk to the fat workman; he says that a special form is needed to make them go back to work.
Look at the toolbox on the floor.  Pick up the piece of paper that is in the toolbox and look at it.  Try to give it to the fat workman, which will get him to tell April the number of the correct form that she needs to get them to go back to work.
Ask the sergeant for Form 09042 - Short Term Tactical Suspension of Union Members Benefits Requisition Form.
Give Form 09042 to the fat workman;  he will tell April that because it is Sunday, you need Form 09042A - Addendum for Public Holidays.
Ask the sergeant for Form 09042A.
Give Form 09042A to the fat workman and both workmen will go back to work.

To be able to enter, April needs to get the workmen away from the doors.
Look at the videophones. April can read a number on one of them 033-12030. Go to the other phone and choose to dial the number of the first phone. For fun, April can call home and talk to her Mom. While the phone is ringing, run to the fat workman and tell him that he has a phone call. When he leaves to take the call, tell the thin workman that he also has a call.
After they are gone, connect the cables in the control panel to open the door and try to go through.
The sergeant sees April and says that she isnít authorized to go in. Go to the counter and click on the shelves up high.  Tell the sergeant that you need the form for complaining about indecent behavior, #31366.

In the corridor April will see a vending machine and the Archive door and on the far left, another doorway.
Buy a Bingo Cola from the vending machine with the cash card.
Look at the scanner outside the Archive door and notice that it is a retina scanner.

Go through the doorway on the left into the locker room. Look at the lockers and read the names.
Talk to the person in the toilet, who is making noises. Itís Frank Minelli, the same copy who was outside the Mercury Theater.
When he asks who is there, tell him that itís Maria Hernandez. Minelli will give April the key to his locker to get his medicine, Tummy-OO-Ah-Fast Relief for a Runny Tummy.

Open his locker. There is an empty box for a false eye. The mirror is broken, remove the shard in the corner, and read the paper behind the shard to get his password.
Give the medicine bottle to Minelli by putting on the floor by his feet.  Talk to him until he says when his wifeís birthday is.
Click the light switch on the wall and take the monkey eye from inventory. When Minelli drops his eye, switch it with the monkey eye.  Quickly run out into the corridor.

At the Archive door, use the artificial eye on the retina scanner.
Enter the Archive.

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