Chapter 3-part 3

Give him the data cube to get more information about the Church of Voltec.

The Vanguard performed generic engineering against the Sentinel.  Gordon Halloway was kidnapped as a child, and they experimented on him to try to control his powers, which resulted in him being split in half.

Their headquarters are in the MTI Building (Malkuth Technologies Building) on Grendel Avenue, but April will need proper ID to get in.

Flipper can make April an ID card for $15,000. He will tell April that if she doesn’t have the money, that he will take a new Anti-Grav Control Unit in exchange.

Leave the garage.
Take the Subway to Metro West.
Go to the shuttle wreck.

Talk to the cop guarding the wreck until he agrees that he is thirsty, then give him the inflated cola can. It will explode and he will have to return to the station to change his uniform before it shorts out.

Use the mirror shard on the laser fence to deflect the beam.

Look at the Anti-Grav Control Unit and try to take it. Use the screwdriver on the Unit to loosen it, and put in inventory.
Leave the shuttle crash site.

Take the Subway to the Newport Docks.
Return to Flipper’s Garage.
Give him the Anti-Grav Control Unit.
He will tell April to come back in a few days for the ID card.

Take the Subway to Hope Street.
Go to the Cathedral>
Listen to Cortez and Father Raul talking about you.
After Father Raul leaves, talk to Cortez.

Take the Subway to East Venice.
Go to the Border House.
Go upstairs.
Zack is spying in the corridor.

Emma and Charlie are in April’s room, she talks with them and tells them everything.

When they leave, April goes to sleep.

While sleeping, April opens a shift and is transported to an Arcadian street.

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