Chapter 5

Exit the Spirit Dig.
Talk with Ben.
Talk with the Elder. He will give April the Banda Stone, the first piece of the key.

Leave the Banda Village.
Pass the bridge to the swamp.
April will comment that she thinks she lost something; it was the delivery list, but donít worry about it.
Pick some flowers and put them in inventory.

Go to the cliff and look at the floating caste.


Talk to the Petrified Man, Lorhan.
He canít talk to April because his lips are too stiff.
Try to pick some berries.  Use the flute, call Crow and ask him to pick the berries.
In inventory, combine the berries with the flower to make moisturizing cream. Use the moisturizing cream on the petrified man.
Lorhan tells April that he can help her get into the castle, but she has to promise to release all the people that Klacks has captured, but breaking the crystal in his lab.

Enter the Castle.
April will find herself in a labyrinth.

Save your game.

Put a coin in the hand of the gargoyle on the right.

A new gargoyle appears, holding burning torches. Blow both of the torches out.
The first gargoyle comes back. Put another coin in the gargoyleís hand.

The second gargoyle will appear, holding salt and pepper in his hands, take them both.
Save your game.
Go to the gargoyle on the left and turn the hourglass, then run up the stairs as quickly as possible.

April is in front of a mirrored door.  Try to take what is on the floor in front of the door.  Something in the mirror is keeping April from picking it up.

Knock on the next door to the left.
Turn the hourglass that appears and run as quickly as possible to the door on the far left.

April will be in a new room.

Use the pepper on the gargoyle face on the door, to open the door.

Start going upstairs and Roper Klacks will appear.

Use the calculator on Klacks to challenge him in arithmetic.

The first challenge: What is 49 * 11?
Klacksí answer:  9
Aprilís answer:  539

The second challenge:  What is 603 / 3?
Klacksí answer:  5867.3
Aprilís answer:  201

April wins and Klacks disappears.

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