Chapter 1

April wakes up in her room in the Border House.

Pick up the diary from the small table.  April can also pick up the photograph, although it is not used in the game.

Look at the diary in inventory and there is a loose page.  Look at the loose page, itís Aprilís time card for work.

Open the closet and pick up the toy monkey.

Look at the toy monkey in inventory and remove its eye, putting the eye in inventory.  His name is Constable Guybrush, a reference to the Monkey Island games from Lucas Arts.  Turn the screw on the monkey to find out that he can make sounds.

Open the window and look out.

Loosen the clothesline, so that it falls into the water.

Leave Aprilís room (she will change clothes first).

Talk to Zack Lee in the hallway.

In the corner to the right of Aprilís door, pick a leaf from the plant. April will refer to it as Ďorganic plasticí.

For fun, use the machine in the hall.  Itís a Free Access Terminal.

Go downstairs to the sitting room.

Look at the bulletin board and take the pink note and the push pin. Read all of the notices on the board.  Read the pick note to find out that a ring has been found.

Talk to Fiona, and she will tell April that there is a problem with the hot water today. Give the pink note to Fiona, she will ask April to identify the ring.  The ring says ĎSweet Sixteení and was given to April by her Dad. Fiona will give April a gold ring, put it in inventory. Pick up the matches from the table and put them in inventory.  Go outside.

Outside, go to the left of the Border House door to the broken water pump. It isnít working because there is a broken wire and high pressure.

Save your game.

 Click on the machine to get a close-up view.  Use the gold ring on the loose electrical wires in the upper right to connect them.  The objective is to get all four of the switches in a horizontal straight line.  The big round handle on the left holds one of the switches still, while the handle on the right turns the three remaining switches clockwise.

From the initial settings of the switches:
Push the handle on the left 2 times.
Push the handle on the right 2 times.
Push the handle on the left 1 time.
Push the handle on the right 3 times.
Push the handle on the left 1 time.
Push the handle on the right 1 time.
Turn the knob on the gas valve.
Turn the wheel.
Take the clamp off the hose and put it in inventory.
Take your gold ring back and put it in inventory.

Exit the machine close-up and walk back towards the Border House door. Walk towards the Bridges. The man on the bench, Cortez, will ask April about her nightmares and tell her that she has a destiny.

Walk to The Bridges; this area has exits to the Metro, the Park and the Cafe.

Go through Florence Park to the Academy (The Venice Academy of the Visual Arts).

Read the notices on the bulletin board.  Enter the building and take the glove from the trash can.

Go upstairs.

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