The old woman is telling a story, one that was a crucial turning point in the history of the Balance. Like all good stories, it begins where it ends, in a tower, in a realm that is no more.

April awakens from a dream to find herself in another land.

As April walks to the right, the egg rolls out of the nest. Break the branch off the dying tree.

Talk to the Spirit of Wood and Leaf. He tells April of the battle between the Mother and the Black Chaos. He will help April return the egg to the nest if she can fix his water problem.

Look at the small stream on the cliff to the right.

Pick up a dragon scale from the nest.

Use the branch on the stream and then use the scale on it. Or combine the branch with the scale in inventory and then use the combined item on the stream.

Now the water will flow to the tree.

Talk to the Spirit of Wood and Leaf again and he will help April return the egg to its nest.

The White Mother appears, and calls April, Daughter.  She tells April that it begins with her; the end of the old and the dawn of the new. April is the mother of the future that may be.

The Black Chaos appears.

April falls off the edge of the cliff, and ....

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