Chapter 2

Open the window and look out.  Use the bread on the floating rubber duck. When the seagull lands on the grill, it will loosen the clothesline and the rubber duck will float away.  Click the chain to pull up the clothesline, and then put the clothesline in inventory.

Go downstairs and talk to Fiona and ask her where to find Cortez.  She suggests talking to Zack.

Go back upstairs and talk to Zack. He wonít tell April anything unless she promises to go on a date with him. Agree to a date tonight at the Pavilion with Zack, and he will tell April that Cortez is probably at the Mercury Theatre at Metro Circle, close to the Radio Power Building.

Exit the Border House. Go to The Bridges.

Go to the Fringe Cafe. Outside the cafe, pick up the deflated rubber duck that is in the canal. Look at the duck in inventory. Remove the band aid and put it in inventory. Go to the Subway Station.

Look at the sparks by the rail.  Itís an iron key, but April canít reach it. In inventory, combine the clamps and the clothesline.  Click on the deflated rubber duck and choose Ďmouthí to blow it up.  Combine the inflated rubber duck with the clamps-clothesline, then use the combined item on the key. Put the iron key in invenory.

Take the subway to Metro Circle.

Walk to the right until April arrives at the Mercury Theatre.

Read the marquee and the posters for fun.
Maltese Falcon - A Disney cartoon about a falcon who goes looking for a black cauldron.
Casablanca - with John Waye and Katherine Hepburn. They play a married couple who adopt a baby leopard during WWII.
A Welsh Ghost Story - written and directed by Ragnar Tornquist.
Notice - Bergman Festival starts Tuesday

Talk to Freddie Melon to find out that he is having difficulties with the lights, that the theater doesnít open untili the evening, and that the theater is owned by his Mom, Missus Dottie Melon.

April needs to help Freddie fix the lights, but there is a guy standing in front of the fuse box and he refuses to leave.

Talk to the guy by the fuse box to find out that heís a plainsclothes cop. He just had lunch at the Kool Kow (a Triple Whammy Kow Patty with a side order of GreaseOnions, a double order of Cheeseums Fried Taters and a large Bingo Cola, no ice), and now he would like some candy.

Push the garbage can and look at the green ooze that is under it. Take the candy from inventory and use it on the green ooze to get stinky candy.

Give the stinky candy to the cop.  He will get angry and throw the candy at Freddie.  Freddie will hit him with the broom and chase him away.

When Freddie tells April about his hat, go and get it.  It is in the middle of the street, to the left.

Take the key that April found in the subway from inventory, and use it to open the fuse box.

In inventory, combine the rubber glove and the band aid.  Use the combined item on the cable in the fuse box to loosen it and stop the marquee lights from working. 

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