Chapter 2-part 2

Now Freddie needs a ladder to fix the lights, so he goes through the door into the alley. Follow him.

When April gets to the alley, Freddie is gone and the Fire Exit is locked.

Look at the shadow on the wall.  It looks like a man with a gun.  Take the hat from inventory and put it at the foot of the garbage heap, so that the shadow looks more convincing. Take the toy monkey from inventory and put it at the foot of the garbage heap.

Open the trashcan and take the matches from inventory and use them on the trashcan to start a fire.

The fire alarm will go off and Freddie will come out of the Fire Exit and leave the door open.

Go into the theater.

Talk to Cortez.

Follow Cortez to the alley and he will open a Shift Portal to Arcadia. Cortez tells April, “..this is the moment of decision. All time, past and present, revolves around this moment.  The destiny of worlds is in your hands. Your life will change forever.”
He tells April to visit Brian Westhouse when she is ready to return.

April enters the portal and finds herself in the city of Marcuria in Arcadia.

Walk through the rooms of the Temple, looking at the paintings.

Continue to look at the paintings, until April finds a priest, Vestrum Tobias.

Try to talk to the priest. April will not understand his language at first, but keep choosing “Listen”, April will eventually understand what he says. He is speaking Na’ven, or Alltongue, the common language of Arcadia.  He is Tobias Grensret, High Priest of the Sentinel, the Vestrum of the Sentinel, the Order of the Balance.
He tells April that she is in Arcadia, in the city of Marcuria, and tells her the History of the Balance.

Tobias walks with April to the Temple exit and suggest that she visit the marketplace.  Follow him back into the Temple and ask him about Westhouse. Keep talking until he tells April that Westhouse is called “the Rolling Man” here in Arcadia.

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