Chapter 8

In the morning, April wakes to find herself on the island of Alais. Use the flute to call Crow and ask him to get an overview of the jungle.
Walk to the right.

Look at the crab on the beach and try to talk to him.  It is an Orlowol.

Walk towards the statue on the cliff.

Click on the statue to get a closer look and notice the symbols and the keyhole.

Walk to the left, to the ruins.  There is another statue.  Notice that it has symbols and a keyhole, too.

Look at the hole in the ground.  Use the rope on the tree, and climb down into the hole.

Look around the cave, it is where the Wingmen and the Maerum used to meet.

Look at the stones at April’s feet.  Take the stone key and put it in inventory.

Climb up out of the hole.  Be sure to pick up the rope and put it back in inventory.

Look at the statue.  Use the key with the keyhole, and April will be able to turn the two wheels.  Parts of the wheel are broken.

Remove the key and return to the beach.

Go into the jungle. 
Go to the volcano.
Enter the big mouth in the head.

Inside there is a symbol like the ones on the statues. There is also a keyhole and a telescope eye.
Use the stone key on the keynole.
Turn the key one step at a time and look through the telescope eye. Everytime there is a description of a statue, note which symbol is showing.



Statue in the ruins of a city

Statue on a cliff overlooking the sea

Statue below a really tall tree

Telescope lens turned into a mirror






Be sure to take the stone key and exit the statue mouth.

Go to the jungle.
Go to the Big Tree.
Look at the statue, it is the same as the others.

Try to climb up into the tree.

Talk with Stickman Wick. Ask about the Wingmen. He tells April that they live high up on the mountain.

Go to the top of the tree and look at the giant crossbow. Walk back down and ask Wick about the crossbow.  They cannot continue to work until they can find a way to get the giant Q’aman to stop snoring.
Talk to all three of the stickmen about the statues and the giant Q’aman.

April needs to use the island communication system to wake up Q’aman.  The statues can only connect to each other in a certain order.

Only the statue by the tree is able to listen to itself, so April will have to use this as the starting point.

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