Chapter 8-part 2

Look at the statue and use the stone key with the keyhole.
Turn the lower wheel until the tree symbol is over the key.
Turn the upper wheel until it shows the symbol of the cliff statue.
Take the key.

Go to the beach and turn the wheels of the cliff statue until the lower wheel is turned to the symbol of the tree.
The upper wheel should be turned to the symbol of the ruins.
Take the key.

Go to the statue in the ruins.
Turn the lower wheel to the symbol of the cliff statue.
Turn the upper wheel to the symbol of the volcano head.
Take a key.

Go to the Big Tree.
Click on the face of the statue and use the mouth.
Talk to Q’aman until he agrees to see you.

Go to the Jungle and then to the new location.

Talk to Q’aman and ask him to help the crab on the beach.

Take Q’aman to the beach and help the crab.  Q’aman decided to fish from the cliff.

Go to the statue on the cliff and talk with Q’aman.  When he says he needs a lure, give him the candy wrapper.

Go to the Big Tree.

Go to the top and examine crossbow.
Walk down and talk to the stickmen about he lunar cannon, blasting off for Luna.
They need a string to complete it.

Go to Q’aman and ask to borrow his fishing line.
Also take the fish skeleton.

Return to the Big Tree, and give the string to the stickmen.
When the cannon is ready, ask to use it.
In inventory, combine the rope with the skeleton and use the combined item with the cannon.  Then push the handle.

Talk to the Alatien.
April must find a way to cross the chasm.

Use the Light-as-Leaf potion on April.
Use the Wind potion on the draft.
April crosses the chasm.

The Alatien, Isaam, will tell April to go to the city gate and ask the guard to take her to see the seer.

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