Chapter 8-part 3

Tell the guard at the city gate that April is the Windbringer.
The prophecy says that:
Someone not of Alatien shall come among us to float on the wind like an Alatien, to learn our stories, to bring the wind back to us, and to bring us into a new and happier age.
Talk to the Old Man at the city gate.

Go to the city.
Talk with the little girl.

Continue to the right and talk to the young woman.

Talk to the guard at the castle. He wants April to answer some questions about Alatien fables, it is a test that April must take.

April must first hear the stories, so go back to each of the Alatiens and ask them to relate their story.

Sa’ena will tell April the Tale of the Stars
Neema will tell April the Tale of Homecoming
The Old Man outside the city will tell April the Tale of the Sea
Isaam will tell April the Tale of Winds

Go back to the guard and take the test.
Answer 1:  Tale of Winds - Mount Mak’ta’ana, the Tower of Light
Answer 2:  Tale of Stars - The spirits of five Tellers.
Answer 3:  Tale of Sea - The Octa’wo
Answer 4:  Tale of Homecoming - A broken pot, to teach him that absence may break a heart in two.

Enter the castle and talk to the Teller.

After the brief Reunion process, April will receive the Alatien Stone (the other half of the Maerum Stone).

The Maerum will take April to the Deep Sea to see The Sleeping God.


Look at the cliff.
Dig the sand and touch the large rock to the left of the small orifice.

Look at the small orifice and talk through the sensor.
Enter the big orifice above it.
Touch the circular object. It is the Blue Dragon Eye.

Talk with The Sleeping God and retrieve the dragon eye jewel.
Ask about the Day of Ascension and the Guardian’s Realm.
The Day of Ascension is when the Kin will return home, back to their cradle.

The dragon will take April to the Dark People’s ship.
Talk to the cloaked figure (The Keeper of the Dark Flame). He will tell April that she is a Wave.
Ask for the map that the Blue of the Draic Kin spoke of.  April will receive the Map of the Stars.
Ask about the stone to get the Dark People’s Stone.

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