Chapter 6

The motion of the ship is making April very sick.

Go to the Upper Deack.
Talk with Captain Nebevay. He says that they will arrive at Alais on the next day, if the weather remains good.
Talk with Tun Luiec.
Look at the orb between Tun and the Captain.
Ask Tun about the compass; she says that it is a Spirit Compass that points to the magical north pole and can only be affected by strong magic.

Go to the Lower Deck. 
April hears one of the crew shout a warning about the incoming storm.
The captain orders a change of course.

Go back to the Upper Deck and try to convince the Captain to head to Alais.

Go to the Lower Deck and pick up an apple from inside the barrel.
Go to the Cargo Room.  Look at the sack. Use the mouth icon with the candy in inventory to get sticky candy. Put the stick candy on the sack between the holes. When the worm gets stuck, pick it up.
Use the worm with the apple in inventory.

Go to the Upper Deck and show the worm-eaten apple to Captain Nebevay, and he will leave the bridge.

Talk to Tun Luiec and propose to steer the ship for a while.

When she leaves, use the Talisman of the Balance on the Spirit Compass to change the direction of the needle.

When Tun Luiec returns, tell her that their course may be wrong.

The storm is getting worse.  Tun tells April that it is lucky that she checked the course.

When April tries to remove the Talisman of the Balance from the Spirit Compass, the captain sees her, takes the Talisman and hides it.

Go down to the Lower Deck and look at the locked chest.

Pick up the axe.

Use the axe on the chest.

April misses and puts a hole in the ship.


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