Chapter 11

Take the palette and use it on the painting.
Lady Alvane told April to concentrate on painting to be able to open a Shift at will.

Get the palette and the brush and use them on the painting.
A Shift will open.

April will find herself at the White Motherís next.  The Mother is dying.  She asks April to stay and witness the birth of the new Mother.  April agrees. The Mother dies and vanishes and the egg breaks and new White Dragon flies towards the stars.

April receives the White Jewel.

Now she has the stone disc, the Star Map and two of the Jewels.

She needs to find the entrance to the Guardianís Realm.

April opens a shift and returns to Stark.

Go to Flipper and get the fake ID.
Talk with him and give him the Star Map.
Ask him to calculate the coordinates of the cross to get the location of the Guardianís Realm.

Take the subway to Metro Circle.

Go left and enter the elevator.

Try to enter the Shuttle.  April is rejected because of her clothing. Go into the shop on the left to get some new clothes.

Take the pizza box in the wastebasket.

Enter the Shuttle.
When April arrives at the roof, look around.

Talk to the policeman and he will direct April to the MTI Building.

Go to the right and talk to Gerald Rosenbery.
Show him the pizza box and he will let April enter the elevator.

Look around McAllenís room, to discover that he is breeding Warrior Shifters. 
Examine the desk, there are notes on April.
An alarm goes off.

McAllen enters, no matter what April says, she is forced to give him the stone and the two jewels.
He already has the remaining two jewels.

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