Chapter 11-part 2

McAllen takes April to the laboratory and puts the disk in a containment compartment.

McAllen leaves, and lets a Mutant loose.
Run to the console and open the door.

The Mutant follows April out onto the roof. 

Go to the ledge in the lower right corner.
April will scream for help and at the last moment blue lightning appears and burns the Mutant.
Cortez materializes exactly on the spot where the lightning came from.
Talk with Cortez.

It turns out that Cortez and McAllen are brothers and that they are the other Draic Kin.

Cortez starts to fight McAllen, but falls from the roof.

As Cortez falls, he shoots blue lightning at McAllen and he falls as well.

Halfway down, they are both caught in a blue light and vanish completely.

Return to the laboratory.  Look at the computer console, and use it to open the containment compartment and take the stone disk.

Go to Flipper to get information about the Star Map.
Flipper has been shot by Gordon Halloway and is dying.  The enemy has taken the Star Map, but he shows April a copy that he made.
Flipper says that April has to go to a transition station called Morning Star, then he dies.

Return to Metro Circle and enter the elevator.

Go to the Colonization Representative in the waiting room.
Talk to her to find out that there is a transfer tonight to Bokamba 8 that stops at the Morning Star.
Register to take it.

April is transferred to the Morning Star.

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