Chapter 13

April is alone in the desert.  Adrian has disappeared.
Go into the desert, towards the tower.

Save your game.

The First Trial - The Trial of Might

Walk towards the tower, there is a Chaos Cloud approaching

Combine the Bind Magic potion withe the Talisman of the Balance. Use the combined item on the Chaos Cloud, to capture the Chaos Cloud in the Talisman.

Walk to the other side of the chasm.

Save your game.

The Second Trial - The Trial of Spirit

April sees herself as a child.
Show Aprilís father that she still cares about him, no matter what he did to you, by showing him the gold ring.
April will forgive him for what he did, and the illusion vanishes.

Save your game.

The Third Trial - The Trial of Matter

April cannot reach the tower;  there is a foggy canyon around it.
Ask Crow to investigate the fog, the base of the tower, and to bring April some water from the Well of Making.

Ask Crow to drop water on the fog.

A bridge appears between April and the tower.

Enter the tower.

Save your game.

The Well of Making

Go to the well in the center.
Use the stone disk on the opening.
April cannot open the tower.

A hand appears from behind.  It is Adrian.

His hand opens the tower.

April and Adrian are taken into the tower, but donít notice that someone else is hanging underneath the platform.

Talk to Adrian, he tells April to begin her service as Guardian.

She tries, but nothing happens.

Gordon Halloway enters the room and says that he is the new Guardian.

Gordon tries to take the Talisman from April, but Adrian fights with him.

Use the Talisman of the Balance on Gordon, and it will clean his soul and balance the anger within him. 

The true Gordon will arrive to reveal that he is in balance now.

Gordon was born to be the new Guardian, but he was captured as a child, and parted in two halves. One half was made into Chaos and the other one into the Gordon Halloway April knows. 

Now both halves are united and the real Gordon, the one who was meant to be the new Guardian, is restored.

April can now return to her world.

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