A List of the People, Places and Things April Encounters in her Journey

Abnaxus - of the Venar race, he is the current Ambassador to the Ayrede Council in Marcuria

Abelexe - a member of Abnaxus’ family

Abpalmana - a member of Abnaxus’ family

Abratha - a member of Abnaxus’ family

Abyanda - a member of Abnaxus’ family

Adrian - the Twelfth Guardian, who was captured by the Vanguard when he left the Tower.

Alais - island country in Tagate Reef

Alatien - the Keepers of the Tales, people who live on the island of Alais

Alchemist - the lowest level of magic user

Alltongue - also called Na’ven;  the common language of Arcadia

Altaban - a coastal city in the Ch’angagriel Desert

April Bandu-embata - name given to April by the Banda people

Arcadia -

Artisan - a magic user

Artist - a magic user

Ayrede - country where Arcadia is located

Bak-Baar – a vision of yourself that speaks the truth in two ways. One is the dark truth; how you see yourself when you are unsure or not happy with yourself. The other is how you must see yourself to be happy.

Bakshevan Deset - a desert land in the Southlands.

Banda - a race of creatures who prophecy refers to as the little ones who sing to the soil

Bandu-uta - a Ben-Bandu's brother, who is missing

Bay of Fire - area of The Great Sea, near the city of Corasan

Ben-Bandu - Banda who is looking for his missing brother

Benrime Salmin - the owner of the Journey Man Inn in Marcuria

Bokamba 8 - a colony

Book of Secrets - a hidden section of the game where music, sounds and images used in game development can be accessed

Border House – a rooming house for young students and artists in Venice

Brave New World Airlines - a shuttle company in Stark

Brian Westhouse - friend of Cortez, lives in Arcadia where he is known as the Rolling Man

Bristan Atoll - also known as the Tagate Reef

Burns Flipper -

Captain Horatio Nebevay - sea captain of the White Dragon ship

Ch’angagriel - a desert wasteland

Chaos Storm – a strong storm caught in a magical vortex. A weapon used by the dark lords of chaos to destroy those who are strong in the Balance.

Charlie – oldest tenant at Border House, dreams of being a dancer

Church of Voltec - front for the Vanguard in Stark, lead by Jacob McAllen, the White Cardinal

Corasan - a port city, east of Marcirua, on the Bay of Fire

Cortez - the Red of the Draic Kin, currently living in Stark

Crow - a raven and companion of April

Crowboy – a cartoon character who was a combination of a crow and a cowboy, and rode an albatross named Old Whitey

DarkPeople - The Keepers of the Dark Flame, the servants of the Blue of the Kin

Day of Ascension - the day when the Kin return home

Dottie Melon - owner of the Mercury Theater in Stark

Draic Kin -

Emma – April’s best friend

Eyes of the Dragons - the four jewels needed to open the Guardian’s Realm

Feast of the Balance - a three-day festival to celebrate the Balance

Fiona – landlady of the Border House, from England

Florence Park - park centrally located in Stark, accessing VAVA, The Bridges, the Fringe Cafe, and the subway station

Fr Raul - a priest in Hope Street Cathedral, who is a Sentinel Minstrum

Frank Minnelli - Lieutenant in the police force in Stark

Freddie Melon - janitor at the Mercury Theater

Fringe Cafe - Cafe in Stark where April and Charlie work

Ge’en - an island kingdeom in the Sea of Songs

Gatherer of Tanyenn - one who has passed the two tests:  to breathe under water and to speak the Maerum language

Gordon Halloway - The Thirteen Guardian of the Balance, he was kidnapped by the Vanguard.  The Vanguard experimented on him in an effort to control him, but  it resulted in splitting him in two.

Gorimon - the former capital of the Bakshevan Empire in the Ch’angagriel Desert

Guardian of the Balance - the person who protects the balance between magic and science

Guardian’s Realm - the place where the Guardian resides

Hope Street Cathedral -

Isaam - an Alatien standing guard on the path to the Alatien city, he tells the Tale of Winds

Jacob McAllen - the Green of the Draic Kin, leader of the Vanguard, known as the White Cardinal

Jerry, Gerold Rosenberg - receptionist in Jacob McAllen’s office

Kan-ang-la - a person who will   in Venar prophecies.

Karek - The map merchant in Mercuria.

Kool Kow - restaurant visited by Frank Minnelli.

Lady Alvane - the woman who lives in the House of all Worlds

Laura Minnelli - Frank Minnelli’s wife

Lorhan - the Petrified Man, enchanted by Roper Klacks

Lord Ygvan Dellan – Chief Councellor of Ayrede

Lucinda Carlyle – a news reporter, who is covering the crash of Brave New World Arlines Shuttle 709 outside the Stark Police Station

Maerum – A people who came to earth in a spaceship.  Once they lived together, now they are divided into two;  one into the sea, one on land.

Magician - a magic user

Malkuth Technologies Inc (MTI) - a large corporation in Stark where the Vanguard headquarters are located

Manny Chavez - the name Cortez is known by in Arcadia

Map of the Stars - a map that show where the entrance to the Guardian’s Realm is located

Marcuria – The capital of Ayrede, on the southern coast of the Northlands, between Tyren and Corasan.

Mercury Theater - a movie theater in Stark at Metro Circle, close to the Radio Power Building

Metro Circle

Mickey - friend of Fiona

Minstum Yerin - the librarian of the Sentinel Enclave, where the Sentinel Library is located.


Monterba - one of the cities left in the Baksheva Empire, in the Ch-angagriel Deset

mudhoppers - an animal that Minstrum Tobias is fond of catching

Murals of the Balance - the paintings found on the walls of the Sentinel Temple in Marcuria

Na’ven - also called Alltongue;  the common language of Arcadia.

Neema - an Alatien woman who is making pots, she tells the Tale of Homecoming

Newport - a town in Stark

Northlands - a region of Arcadia

Orlowol - a species of crab-like people who live on Alais

Q’aman - a giant on the island of Alais

Queen of the Third City of the Maerum, Enlightened Keeper of the Tanyenn, Protector of the Light - title of the Maerum Queen

Razorblades - the name of a gang that Warren Hughes belongs to

Riverwood - area north of Marcuria

Roma Gallery - an art gallery by the Watertown Bridge in East Venice

Roper Klacks - An alchemist who lives in the Northlands. He has stolen the wind, hidden it in his tower and turned everyone who has tried to enter his tower into stone.

Sa’ena - a female Alatien child who tells the Tale of Stars

Scriptures of the Balance - volumes detailing the History of the Balance

Secrets of the Draic Kin - a book by Minstrum Elyak that tells the history of the Kin

Sentinel – protectors and keepers of the Balance

Sentinel Temple - temple in Marcuria, where the Murals of the Balance can be found

Shift - a portal between the worlds of Stark and Arcadia

Silver Spear of Gorimon - a story telling about a God who fell from the sky

Soulstone - a magical crystal used by Roper Klacks to imprison his captives


Spirit Compass - a compass used for navigation that always points to the magical north pole, and can only be affected by strong magic

Spirit Dig - a cave in the Banda village where one can see visions

Stanley - the manager of the Fringe Cafe


Stickmen - a group of creatures, resembling twigs that live in the forest on Alais

Sunriders – map makers in Arcadia

Tale of Homecoming - an Alatien story

Tale of the Sea - an Alatien story

Tale of the Stars - an Alatien story

Tale of the Winds - an Alatien story

Tama’a - an village on the island of Alais

Tanyenn - a substance used by the Maerum people to give their cities light and warmth

The Enclave - the largest library in the Northlands

The Gribbler - an ghoul who disguises herself as an old woman and lives in the Deep Forest north of Marcuria

The House of All Worlds - a place not in Stark and not in Arcadia, in between and everywhere.

The Journey Man Inn - a public house in Mercuria

The Morning Star - a colonization transfer station

The White Dragon - a ship captained by Horatio Nebevay

Trial of Matter – To successfully complete this trial, one must cross an apparently insurmountable barrier, using whatever means at their disposal.

Trial of Might – To successfully complete this trial, one must defeat a powerful enemy, using talents in war and magic.

Trial of Spirit – To successfully complete this trial, one must face that which they fear the most, the darkness in their heart.

Tobias Grensret - High Priest of the Sentinel, the Vestrum of the Sentinel, the Order of the Balance, in the Minstrum Temple in Marcuria

Tome of Alchemy - a spellbook found in Roger Klacks’ tower

Tower of the Balance - located in the Guardian’s Realm, it is where the Guardian of the Balance lives

Travels in the Northland - a book about the history of Marcuria by Jemein the Discovered

Tun Luiec - a navigator

Tyren - a Barbarian land in the Northlands

Umber Iands - an old sailor

Vanguard – A group of people who believe Stark and Arcadia belong together

VAVA - The Venice Academy of the Visual Arts;  the school attended by April

Venar - The Ones who are Outside, a race who have the ability to see the past, present and future all at the same time

Venice – a neighborhood in Stark, 100 years ago it was factory, but has now been converted to apartments

Warren Hughes - a young boy

Waterstiller -- A Maerum prophecy - The Waterstiller will uncover an ancient shrine, bring light to the darkness, reveal the ancient stone, and reunite the Maerum.

Wave – someone who propels people and events towards change and the future

Well of Making - where the disc of the Balance was forged

White Cardinal - named used by Jacob McAllen in the Church of Voltec

Wick - one of the Stickmen building a lunar cannon on Alais

Willow - one of the Stickmen building a lunar cannon on Alais

Windbringer  - An Alatien prophecy - Someone not of Alatien shall come among us to float on the wind like an Alatien, to learn our stories, to bring the wind back to use, and to bring us into a new and happier age.

Wingmen, Wingdemons - another name for the Alatien people

Woody - one of the Stickmen building a lunar cannon on Alais

Zack Lee - lives across the hall from April in the Border House


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