Chapter 4

Go into “The Journey Man Inn”.
Talk to the woman, Benrine Salmin, who is the owner of the inn.  She tells April that there is a party going on because it is the Feast of the Balance.  She also says that April is a wave, strong in magic, and that she is an artisan, a powerful magic user.

Go into the kitchen and after a little while, Abnaxas of the Venar arrives.  He will tell April that his people have the ability to see the past, present and future all at the same time.  He will invite April to come to his house the next morning.

Sit in the comfy chair when April gets tired.

The owner wakes April up in the morning, talk to her. Try to go out and she will give April some clothes.

When April is asked to help with the dishes, accept her offer.  In return April will receive several Arcadian coins.

Go into the city.
Go to the City Green.

Visi Abnaxus of the Venar, Ambassador in Marcuria to the Ayrede Council in his tree house.

Ask him about the dragon.  He will tell April about a book called “The Silver Spear of Gorimon”, that holds the key to the God who fell from the sky.

When you leave his house, use the Organic Plastic leaf on the flowerbed outside his house. This will open the Book of Secrets that can be found on the opening page of the game, which contains music, sounds and images used in developing the game.

Go to the Temple and talk to Tobias about books and where they can be read.  He tells April to talk to Minstrum Yerin at the Sentinel Enclave for additional information about a book called Scripture.

Go to the Sentinel Enclave.

Climb down the ladder and enter the underground library.

Talk with Minstrum Yerin about books.

To Learn About

Ask to Read

The four magical people of Arcadia that were given a piece of the stone disc that serves as the key to the Guardian’s Realm.

Chapter 15 in the 8th Scripture, the Scripture of Breaking.
The four discs have been distributed to four different people:

  • One stone to the gentle souls that sing in the dark and shape the earth between their toes.
  • One stone to the watchers of the woods, the ones who are outside.
  • One stone to the two that make one, of air and of sea.
  • One stone to the keepers of the dark flame, the eternally dark, the mariners.

A flying people who observe and tell stories.

Alatien, the flying people who live on Alais.

The Draic Kin

Secrets of the Draic Kin by Minstrum Elyak

The island of Alais

The Silver Spear of Gorimon

A book about the history of Marcuria.

Travels in the Northland by Jemein the Discoverer.

Some Arcadian folktales

Sadra, the Faithful Wife


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