Chapter 4-part 3

When she leaves to go looking for berries, examine her house, be sure to look at everything.

April hears something in the chain-locked cupboard.

Use the broom on the cupboard to release Benís missing brother, Banda-uta.

Pick up the skull and use it on the round window to break it.

Pick up Banda-uta and put him on the window, so he can escape.

The woman (The Gribbler) comes back, shows her real identity as a ghoul, and starts chasing April.

Click on the loose floorboard under the table. This will knock The Gribbler into the fireplace and kill her.

Exit the house and talk to Ben Bandu.  He invited April to visit his village.

Go to the Banda Village.

Talk to the Banda.

April is asked to speak with the Elder.  He invites April to spend the night in the Spirit Dig.

Talk to Ben and his brother about the Spirit Dig.

Enter the Spirit Dig and look around.

Use the bed to go to sleep.

April will have a strange conversation with the elder spirit in the form of herself, followed by Charlie.

He will tell her that she has experienced a Bak-Baar and will now be known to the Banda as April Bandu Embata, April, Digger, who will seek and find.

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