Chapter 4-part 2

After April has read everything, go to the harbor and speak with Captain Nebevay. Ask him about Alais and if he will take April there. He refuses because they would have to travel via Geíen, and he has no wind, no navigator, and he will not allow women onboard his ship.

Talk to the Old Man on the short pier and ask him if he knows about Alais. He does, and Captain Nebevay owes him a favor.  He will help April get to Alais if she will get his talking bird back.

Go and talk to Brian Westerhouse and ask him abou the God who fell from the sky, and he will tell April about a people called ďthe flying peopleĒ.

Go to the stalls in the Marketplace.
Play a game with the cups handler.
Look at the coins and the screwdriver in inventory. The coin is iron and the screwdrive is magnetic.

On the closeup view of the cups game, use the screwdrive on the cups to detect which one holds the coin.
Click the screwdriver on each cup; the one that moves is the correct one.

The merchant will become angry and accuse April of being a magician.  He will give her a calculator as a reward.
Try to start a new game. When he refuses, offer him the Ďmagicí screwdriver in exchange for the talking bird.

Return the delivery list to the Map Merchant, and he will give April a map of the Northlands for Tun Luiec at the Journey Man Inn.

Go to the short pier and give the Old Man his bird.

Go to the Docks and talk to Captain Nebevay. Ask him about he winged people and Alais Island.  He will agree to take April to Alais, but he canít sail without wind and the evil alchemist Roper Klacks in the Northlands has stolen the wind and has it hidden inside the North Tower.

Go to the City Gates.

Go to the Road North.

Go to the Forest.

The Old Manís bird appears and says that he is going to keep April company.

April will name him Crow and they agree that she will call him by blowing the flute.

Walk further into the woods and April will meet a Banda looking for his missing brother. His name is Ben Bandu, he is one of the Banda-banta, the little ones who sing to the soil.

After Ben leaves, call Crow and ask him to keep a lookout for Benís brother.

April canít cross the broken bridge, so turn and go back.

April finds an old woman sitting on the ground.  She asks for help to stand up and get back to her home.

Follow her home and go inside.

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