Chapter 9

Talk to the Darkman in the morning.
He will give April the third piece of the stone.
He will give April The Star Map, that shows where the entrance to the Guardianís place is marked with a cross.

When April tries to leave the harbor, a shift opens and she is transported back to the Cathedral in Venice.

Speak with Father Raul, it turns out that he is a Sentinel Minstrum.

Go back to the Border House to change clothes.
When April gets there, Emma tells her to run away.

Gordon Halloway and a guard appears.
Try to talk to Gordon, but no matter what April says, Emma is shot.

When Gordon is distracted, quickly run up the stairs and try to enter Aprilís room.
Zack is there, preventing April from getting into her room.

When Zack gets shot, rush into Aprilís room and open the window.

Look out the window.
Jump into the canal.

The entrance is guarded, so April canít get by.

Use the Invisibility potion on April to get past the guard.

Go to the Bridges.

Go to the Fringe Cafe, and find that there are two guards chasing April.
The mysterious door on the left opens and a shift appears.

Enter the shift to go to the House of All Worlds, which is not in Arcadia, not in Stark, in Between and Everywhere.

The old woman says her name is Lady Alvane, and she seems to know April.
Talk with her.

When she opens a shift, enter it to go to Marcuria.

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