Chapter 1-part 2

April’s workspace at the Academy.

Pick up the palette and the brush and use it on the painting.

When Emma arrives, talk to her.  She has a message from Cortez. He wants to meet April at the place “where kids visualize their dreams”.

When Emma says she is leaving, tell her that April wants to clean up first.  While April is cleaning up, the holosculpture suddenly turns into a dragon (actually it’s not a dragon, but a creature that April will meet later).

Leave the Academy.

Go to The Bridges.

Go to the Fringe Cafe.

Enter the cafe and talk to Charlie.  He will tell April that Cortez stood in front of a poster in the cafe for a while before he left.

Take some candy from the jar on the bar and go further into the cafe.

Talk to the boss, Stanley. When he hesitates about paying April, threaten to quit, then take the time sheet from inventory and give it to him.  He will transfer money to April’s cash card. When Stanley asks April to work this evening, she can say either yes or no, it does not affect the game, but she will have to do whatever she says to finish this chapter of the game.

Look at the poster in the far right corner, next to the jukebox, and take a complimentary ticket to the Growing Pains Exhibition at the Roma Gallery downtown. Look at the ticket in inventory to get the address, it is by the Watertown Bridge in West Venice.

Talk to Emma.  Take some bread from the table. Exit the cafe.

Go to The Bridges and then to the Subway Station.

To get through the subway gates April must buy a ticket.

Look at the gene scanner to get a close-up of the ticketing machine.  Push “Week”, and then show the cash card to the gene scanner eye. Go through the gates and enter the train.

Once April is inside the train, click on the map above. It will show the areas that are available for April to travel to.  Click on the Watertown Bridge location.

When April leaves the train, to to the gallery door to the right of the guy playing the drums. Enter the Roma Gallery.  Try to give the ticket to the attendant, but he’s asleep.

Walk over to Cortez and talk to him about truth and illusion, until he leaves.

Be sure to look at the art on the walls.

To end the chapter, April must do what she said she would earlier:  either go back to the cafe and report for work, or go home and watch TV with Fiona and Mickey.

If April goes to work, a Banda will appear at the cafe, playing a flute and dancing.
If April goes home and watches TV, a rainforest will appear.

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