Chapter 5-part 2

Go to the tower.
There is a big book called “The Tome of Alchemy” on the pedestal.  Look at it to find out the recipes.

Look around the room to find some essence bottles.
The blue essence is on the table inside the skull.
The while essence is on the lowest shelf in the middle of the room.
The green essence is behind the curtains.

Look at the cauldron to find the yellow essence.
The red essence is on a high shelf to the right, but April can’t reach it.

Feel, smell, and listen to each essence to find out what they do.








moist, light, fluffy

distant thunder



fresh flowers

soft, like satin, fragile

flapping of fragile wings



pearls of morning dew

texture of thin strands of hair

rusting of tiny legs



sharp, decisive, earthy

cool to the touch, like ice

distant tingling, like crystal bells

catalyst (claw)




like something is burning


Look at the cauldron to mix potions. Be sure to get the order correct, as stated in the recipe.

The only potion that April has all the ingredients for is the Invisibility potion.
Use white essence, green essenve, blue essence on the cauldron.

Go back into the labyrinth and stand in front of the mirrored door.
Drink the invisibility potion.
Pick up the parchment
Return to the tower.

Put the parchment inside the Tome of Alchemy and the page willl be restored.

There are now four more recipes.



clouds + spiderweb + catalyst
white + green + blue


butterfly + clouds + catalyst
yellow + white + blue


clouds + brimstone + catalyst
white + red + blue

Stormy Wind

brimstone + brimstone + catalyst
red + red + blue

Big Bang

spiderweb + butterfly + catalyst
green + yellow + blue

Bind Magic

Make the Light-as-Leaf potion.
Use yellow, white and blue on the cauldron.

Go to the shelf where the red essence is and drink the Light-as-Leaf potion.
Click on the red essence and April will jump up and get it.

Go back to the cauldron and mix the other three potions: Stormy Wind, Big Bang, Bind Magic.

Look at the crystal soulstone.
Use the Bind Magic potion on the crystal, then use the Big Bang potion on the crystal.

There is a Big Bang and all the petrified creatures are freed.

Unfortunately the castle is now floating in the air. Open the window and call Crow.
Use the Wind potion on Crow, then put him on the window, so he can spread the potion on the clouds.

The wind will blow the tower back to Marcuria, to the Road North.

Go to the Docks.
Go to Captain Nebevay and give him the Wind potion.
He still needs a navigator.

Go to the Journey Man Inn and deliver the map to Tun Luiec.  She is a navigator, looking for work, and is on her way to Corasan.
Ask her to go talk to Captain Nebevay.

Go to the Marketplace and tell the Map seller that the mape was delivered the the delivery list is lost. He will fire April.

Go to the Temple and talk to Tobias. He says that he belives that April is the new Guardian and gives her the Talisman of the Balance.

Go to the Docks.
Go to Captain Nebevay to start the journey to Alais.

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