Chapter 3-part 2

Click on the computer and login as Minelli

Click search and choose the name Warren Hughes.
col #0050123185353260
Read the file. Be sure to click on his sister’s name in the file, so you can search for her record later.

Click delete, then print.  The printer will start printing.  Look at the computer again. According to the record, Warren is dead.

Click search again, using Erika’s colonization number. She was adopted by a woman named Drake, a lieutenant with the Bokamba Mercer Corporation.
Print Erika’s file.

Click search again and choose Church of Voltec.

When the record displays, click on Jacob McAllen’s name.
Click search again and choose Jacob McAllen. April will hear a message to report to headquarters for security violations.

Look at the bottom of the screen and click on continue.
At the bottom right on the next page, April will see a code consisting of 4 symbols, write them down. Log out of the computer.
Go to the terminal on the opposite wall and enter the four symbols. (11, 16, 1, 8)
The filing machine will bring a folder, which contains a Vanguard Data Cube.
Go to the printer and take the printouts.

Leave the Archive.

Go back to the Police Station entry hall.
Pick up the screwdriver on the floor by the toolbox.
Leave the Police Station, but walking to the bottom of the screen, in front of the videophones.

Look at the wreck of the crashed aircraft.
Notice the device hanging from it that is blinking.  It is an Anti-Grav Control Unit.

Go back to Hope Street, Number 87.
Talk to Warren.
He will give April the address of his friend, Burns Flipper at the Newport Warehouse along with the secret code that April needs to enter his place.

Go to the Subway.
Go to the Newport Docks.
Go up the stairs and keep going to the right until April gets to Flipper’s Garage.

For fun, click on the cars in the warehouse yard.

To the right of the garage door, there is a paint shaker, an MTI Industrial Strength Paint Shaker.
Use the Bingo Cola can on the paint shaker, to get an inflated cola can, ready to burst. Put it back in inventory.

Knock three times on the garage door and persuade Flipper to let April in.
Walk to the back of the garage and enter the lower level.

Talk to Flipper about the Vanguard.

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